31 Jul

Pass over the entire body and pay special attention to the regions that are overlooked, such as between the thighs, armpits, ears, neck, neck, the line between the hair and forehead and between the toes.

To apply on your back, if you have no one to help, opt for spray
products and sprinkle looking in the mirror to see if you haven't left
any areas blank. Wait for the self-tanner to dry and remove a
glove. With the hand that is still covered, apply the product in the other,
remembering to pass between the fingers. Wait for it to dry, change the
hand glove and repeat the process.
Has it dried up? Go for the play of light and shadow, this is where the
darker tone comes in. Pass on the sides of the trunk and on the inner
and outer thigh to tune . To disguise the bye muscle, raise your arm
and pass on the bottom. But to flatten the butt, the darkest tone
should go in the fold of the glutes, and to give an up in the breasts,
pass between them.
And since you can stay on the beach with makeup on, how about using
the self-tanner as a contour for your face ? Apply in a small amount
in the center of the cheeks, making a diagonal line towards the
temples, in the jaw line, to disguise the jowl, and on the sides of the
After application, you should go 8 hours without bathing and 2 at
least without washing your hands. Ah! And he doest need sunscreen,

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