31 Jul

Bronze without sun

Lying down trying to guarantee the sun mark can be a challenge. To help, the
solution is self-tanning. And rest assured: they no longer have a strong smell and
do not stain. Let's go to my favorites:St.Tropez is more of an immediate color
than a gradual one. Great for showing up at a party with a little color. You can buy
it with the application glove to guarantee a bronze without any stain;Biomarine
Shower is perhaps the bombastic novelty in self-tanning this summer. This is
because you use it at the end of the bath with the body still wet – 100% practicality
– and guarantees a gradual bronze;Best Bronze Pré and Pós Sol are soaps that
prepare and moisturize the skin to guarantee the permanence of the tan;Bronze
Express Self Tanning Lotion is very inexpensive and will also guarantee a bronze
gradually and very natural, without orange tone. The perfume is a little stronger
than the others, but it doesn't smell like suntan. Combining the useful with the
pleasant is the best basic definition with a sun protection factor. In this case, we have
several options, including a novelty from Shiseido (Sports BB – FPS50) that increases
the protection factor as you exercise and expose yourself to the sun. I brought here
some Dermage options here from Anália.

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